Cleveland Tamir Rice Protests on MLK Day

12 year old Tamir Rice was fatally shot by Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann back in 2014. Loehmann and his partner Frank Garmback arrived on scene, when they received word there was a young man playing with a gun in front of a rec center. People were worried, but the officers were never informed that… Continue reading »

Cleveland’s Serial Carjacker Caught and Charged

Cleveland’s Serial Carjacker Caught and Charged

26-year-old Deshawn D. Tye was charged with aggravated robbery, attempted murder, and felonious assault after he carjacked three different drivers and aiming a gun at police responders last week. The incident led to a police car chase and several shots fired at Tye in pursuit near Kinsman Road and Grand Avenue.   Carjacker Caught at… Continue reading »

Push for Grand Jury Transcripts by Cleveland NAACP

Before the end of the year, the grand jury announced that they would not be charging Officer Timothy Loehmann for the 2014 shooting of Tamir Rice. On November 22, 2014, Rice was shot by a police officer after he pulled a pellet gun out of his waistband. Although it was known that the gun was… Continue reading »

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Cleveland Homicide Rates up 25% From Last Year

Cleveland continues to see its crime rate spike–specifically its murder rate–as two men were murdered in separate incidents Friday night.  Cleveland police report that homicides are up 25 percent over last year, with overall shootings up around 32 percent.  While most of the activity is taking place in the city’s Fourth District, the amount of… Continue reading »

Plane Crash in Akron Captured on Snapchat

On Tuesday, November 10th, a plane crashed into a building on Mogadore Road in Akron, Ohio. Coincidentally, a girl was using the social media app Snapchat at that exact moment in an apartment building close by. Paige McVeigh was recording a video to send to her friend when she noticed a flash of light outside… Continue reading »

Why the Marijuana Measure Failed

Ohio voters rejected a ballot measure to legalize marijuana on November 3. Why did the measure fail? The way the initiative was written, a small group of wealthy campaign contributors would be given the sole rights to produce marijuana. Even advocates for legalizing marijuana called this an unfair oligopoly. Ohio isn’t known as a progressive… Continue reading »